Our Programmes

Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership programme

The Women’s Peacebuilding Leadership Program is a graduate scholarship opportunity for Pacific Women provided through PCP to study in the internationally recognized Eastern Mennonite University in United States of America. It develops women in peacebuilding by providing a quality practice- based peacebuilding education in conflict analysis, prevention and transformation through classes that focus on practice based methodologies. The cohort based programme enables participants from specific geographic regions to learn new skills and knowledge in peacebuilding, apply these skills and learning’s in their institutions and communities.

Restorative Justice Program

PCP has been working with the Fiji Correction’s Services (FCS) on institutionalizing Restorative Justice (RJ) since 2010. The principles of Restorative Justice view offences and violence as an act of harm, and are concerned about who is hurt during the harm. Restorative Justice places special emphasis on the victim who is often left out in the re-integration process in retributive justice systems.

Transitions to Democracy Dialogue Program

The Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding seeks to strengthen the use of peacebuilding methodologies for conflict analysis, prevention and transformation in Fiji. PCP has worked with government, Civil Society Organizations and Security Forces in the area of Conflict Analysis, Stress and Trauma Awareness, Non- Violent Communication, Negotiation and Mediation since 2007. The organization hopes to improve methods of dealing with conflict and increasing the sharing of peacebuilding processes in Fiji.

Building Peaceful and Multi- Racial Communities in Vanua Levu

This project which is based in the North focuses on strengthening local capacities ability in problem solving and dealing with conflict non-violently. The processes encourage collaboration, inclusiveness and willingness to engage at different levels.

Collaborative activities

The Pacific Centre for Peacebuilding seeks to build and participate in a collaborative network for sharing of knowledge and resources for peacebuilding and conflict transformation work in Fiji, the Pacific and internationally.

Pacific communities embracing a culture of peace, justice and non-violence